Success Story: Freddie Carswell

Freddie Carswell with his Certificate of Recognition
Freddie Carswell

Freddie came to the Crisis House in the beginning of February 2018 after living in a nearby woods. He had recently lost his room do to an unfortunate circumstance. From the first day of his residency with us, Freddie was committed to getting his life back on track. He took all the advice and guidance that our case manager Maggie would offer. He became employed at Allen Harim and became a member of the union, to which he is very proud. After three short months at the Crisis House, he saved enough money to be accepted in his own apartment. He started a savings account at Del One and is the happiest he has ever been. He credits his success with the support from all the Crisis House staff and is grateful to be self sufficient and living in his own apartment. He stops in often to visit and to let us know he is still doing great. He recently stopped by to share his achievement award from Allen Harim. He was recognized for his ongoing dedication and commitment. What a great accomplishment for Freddie, we are very proud of him and will continue to support him along his journey.